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Homeopaths share your concerns

Homeopaths share your concerns about modern medicines.

Too much medicine is prescribed today. Antibiotics typify the situation: antibiotics are prescribed, the microbes become resistant, stronger antibiotics are developed, and the microbes become resistant to these as well.

Where will this vicious cycle end? Perhaps with the strongest antibiotic available having no effect on the strongest microbes.

A frightening scenario, but a real possibility.

Homeopaths share your concerns about side effects.

Most prescription drugs have a known list of side-effects. Why should this be the case if the medicine is truly healing?

If the body is being helped, why should it produce even more symptoms, sometimes even more serious symptoms?

Homeopaths do not accept that extra suffering is a prerequisite for treatment. A main principle of Homeopathy is that treatment should be safe and gentle – the idea of side-effects is completely alien, and a sign of incorrect treatment.

The side-effects that modern medicine produces fit in very well with the Homeopathic thinking. The body produces symptoms to indicate that there is a problem – it is like an outlet for the illness, and these symptoms are a sign to help a physician to find a suitable medicine. Furthermore, the body produces these symptoms in the least serious part of the body that it can. Therefore, when conventional medicine covers up these symptoms with drugs, it is inevitable that side effects are produced. After all, the body is still ill, there is still a need to provide an outlet for this illness, and so when the least harmful outlet is blocked, other, more serious outlets have to be used.

Most sceptics of Homeopathy will rubbish such ideas, and that is their right. What do you think?

Homeopaths share your concerns about the cost of private treatment.

That is why we have arranged for many health insurance companies such as HSA and Westfield to cover Homeopathy in their policies. So cost need not be an issue.

Also, conventional treatment can have costs. If you are on regular treatment, or if you require more than one medicine, prescription charges can add up to a significant amount. All the costs of Homeopathic medicines are included in the consultation fee.

But cost is only one factor. What about the long time you have suffered with your condition, the disruptive effect of it on your life, and the benefits that would arrive if your condition was not there or alleviated?

What price for good health?
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