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A true story

At the age of two, my daughter had her severe eczema vigorously treated by doctors. After massive doses of antibiotics and steroids it soon disappeared - a seemingly miraculous cure.

Within a month, my daughter had severe asthma. She moved to the care of a respiratory doctor, leaving the skin doctor celebrating his wondrous "cure".

A move from eczema to asthma is not cure. Lung disease is more serious than skin disease, yet the skin doctor felt he had cured, and his patient moving to another department was coincidence.

My daughter's story is not unique; many people could think of a similar case. Yet nobody questions why this should happen. How can a system of medicine continue to push symptoms around the body, to deeper and deeper levels, and still be the main system used by the population?

Perhaps we feel that there is no alternative, and despite its faults, it is the best there is.

But there is an alternative. Homeopathy is a powerful system of medicine, which is safe, gentle, holistic, long-lasting, and suitable for even the most serious of health problems. Sounds too good to be true? Read on.

Another story

A light in your car indicates that the engine is overheating.

Would you be happy if the garage mechanic broke the light and said that he had cured the problem?

You would not, because the light is only a symptom. Breaking it would lead to symptoms at a more important level, such as smoke coming from under the bonnet.

You would not accept this from a mechanic, but we accept it every day from doctors. This is because when you tell doctors about a symptom, they prescribe drugs that treat only this symptom, not the underlying cause.

This is not cure - it is breaking warning lights, and you may end up with smoke coming from under your bonnet! At best, these symptoms stay away for a while. At worst, they affect another, more important part of the body. So suppression of my daughter's eczema symptoms caused the illness to move to the lungs, and produce asthma symptoms. Conventional medicine has no other way to treat illness. Homeopathy does. Homeopathy does not treat symptoms, it treats the root cause of them. It considers the whole body to be ill, not just the part showing the symptoms. Homeopathic treatment of my daughter saw good results. Firstly the suppression was undone, as the asthma was pushed back to eczema, and then improvement of the skin symptoms followed.

Only by treating the whole person can you have real health improvements, rather than just suppression.

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