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Homeopathy could help in so many ways

Homeopathy could help…

…if doctors have told you there is nothing that they can do for you, or offered drug therapies and operations that worry you.

A Homeopath will never tell you to ignore the advice given by your doctor. But a Homeopath will offer you an alternative view of your health if you have decided that you are not going to follow the medical route.

Your worry is a natural reaction to treatments which do not seem correct. Most people have a very good idea about what is, and is not good for their bodies, and when the treatment options offered by conventional medicine cause a little concern, it is for good reasons – it is because the options offered are not usually good for you in the long term.

Homeopathy could help…

…if you feel that there must be a more holistic way to restore health.

Most people can relate to the idea that our bodies are one, whole system, that needs to be considered together. We all feel that we are unique individuals because of the sum of all our parts. Therefore, when conventional medicine considers us all to be identical, to be made up of the same bits and pieces, to be treated in the same, uniform way, it causes a little concern. Also, this view of a person being a collection of parts encourages a method of treatment which is focussed on these parts. So, if a patient has arthritis of the knee, the knee specialist in the hospital may suggest removing the knee.Take away the affected part, and then it cannot cause problems, can it? The conventional view finds this completely logical – we are all a collection of bits, so if one bit does not work, remove it and replace it.

Problems arise when you take a holistic view of health. If that knee was the least serious way that the body could show its ill health, then removal of it may lead to serious consequences. The body is still ill, and now needs to find another vent for the expression of the ill health. The least harmful avenue has been removed, and consequently a more serious organ or body system may need to be used.

Most doctors think that such a view of the body is incorrect, but most people can relate to a holistic view of themselves.

Homeopathy thinks like you. We agree that everyone is unique. Yes, at a mechanical level, all our organs and body parts may be similar, but we are not a collection of body parts. The uniqueness of each individual is not tied up in the collection of body parts. This is why Homeopathy treats each individual as a unique person. For this reason, no two cases can be considered to be similar. For example, two people with the same presenting complaint will not be treated with the same Homeopathic medicine. Just because both individuals have the same disease label does not mean they are the same. They will be different in an infinite number of ways, and so their remedies will be different, and tailored for their uniqueness, not for the disease label that they have in common.

Homeopathy could help…


If you feel that you would like to try and alternative approach to your healthcare, please contact Aroga to discuss your particular case, and to find out what Homeopathy could offer you.

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