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If Homeopathy is so good, why doesn't my GP recommend it?

The main reason for this is that scientists cannot measure how Homeopathy works; the results seem to defy explanation.

Homeopaths believe this is because the action is at an energetic level, beyond the reach of current scientific instruments. However, modern science cannot accept that a medicine could work at such a level, and they continue to look for evidence at a material level.

Homeopaths have made great efforts to try and provide the proof that the scientific profession needs, but the only proof that they can generally provide is of successfully treated cases; they cannot provide the exact mechanism by which these cases improved. This is the sticking point. For Homeopaths, the most important thing is that Homeopathy works, and they can provide thousands of successful cases to back up the fact that it does work, including the Royal Family of England. However, for the scientists, it is more important to know how the treatment works. If a system of medicine defies their current understanding of science, they will not accept the fact that it seems to work. To accept that Homeopathy works would require the science books to be re-written, and this is too big a concept for the scientists to grasp.

Although, the term "scientist" is being used, we should first properly define this word. A scientist is someone who observes, and then tries to explain the observation. Homeopaths observe that Homeopathy works, but they cannot explain it, as yet. Conventional “scientists” observe that Homeopathy works, but because it does not fit in with their current understanding, they conclude that it cannot work. This is not science. The observation is that Homeopathy works. Thousands of people could come forward and attest to that. This is fact. It is not good enough for scientists to dismiss this evidence, simply because it appears too far fetched.

Proper scientific study should start from the observation that people clearly seem to get benefit from Homeopathy. From this point it may be possible to have all sorts of theories and rubbishing ideas, such as it is a placebo effect, or that the patients were all crazy, or it is possible to investigate further. What it is not possible to do, if you consider yourself to be a true scientist, is to ignore the evidence.

So, the only logical conclusion for a true scientist to conclude is that thousands of people appear to get better with Homeopathy. This is fact and the scientific community must accept this. After this, they need to explain why it works. This may well lead to trials and experiments that try and pass it off as a placebo effect, but this is still better than the ludicrous situation at the moment where observations are made, the observations cannot be explained, and so the conclusion is that the observations were not made. Is this science?

By all means look at the evidence, and conclude that it is a placebo effect. But then you should consider why Homeopathy is able to produce such an effect on so many occasions, and so consistently. And if a placebo effect is able to prevent a patient from having a dangerous operation, or avoiding long term use of drugs with serious side effects, is it not worth considering? What about the many patients for whom the Homeopath cannot work out the correct remedy initially and the first remedy does not act? In such cases, the patient may improve with the second remedy, so we must consider why the placebo effect did not kick in straight away.

There is also the issue of the high dilution of Homeopathic Medicine. The level of dilution makes conventional science conclude that there cannot be any material substance left in the medicine, and so Homeopathy cannot work. But what about the evidence? Patients do not care that they are going against conventional scientific thinking – they just get better. Again the evidence is ignored, because the alternative –to have to rethink a lifetime of scientific study – is too high a price to pay.

Homeopaths acknowledge that there is no material dose left in the medicine. This is not an issue. However, the medicines clearly work, therefore they must work at another level, perhaps an energetic one. Homeopaths do not know the precise mechanism, but this does not make them reject the evidence. In the final analysis, the evidence is clear – patients get better with Homeopathy. How and why this happens is very complex, but this complexity cannot change the facts.

The mechanism of action of modern medicines

Ironically, scientists can give you a very detailed explanation of how modern drugs act. The exact receptors in the body where the chemical drug attaches have been identified, and the chemical reaction that the drug produces in the cells of the body can be described in great detail. Scientists can even tell you exactly how all the side effects are produced. Is this reassuring?

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