Sharing with you

Together we can share in the advancement of the science of Homeopathy through providing high quality education in areas that are the most exciting and challenging. Together we can continue to move our profession forward through better learning and so better practice and understanding.

We seek to provide this education through:

  • International seminars - Homeopathy is a global practice. To learn on a wider principle is to learn from the best International Teachers of Homeopathy. We need to invite them here to share their passion and insights with us.

  • National seminars - Our best learning comes from the best teachers. We all know who the best, and most respected Homeopaths are in this country. Providing access to learning with Homeopaths who can share their work with us is a valuable gift of understanding.

  • Courses - Continuing to learn is continuing to grow. For a more detailed understanding, we need to invest our time and energy in more long-term learning objectives. We provide substantial courses in the Sensation Method: a year-long course, and also shorter video courses.

  • Tutorials - We learn best through practice. After all the seminars and courses, we run regular tutorials where you can share your cases and personal experiences. The Tutorials help with any obstacles that you may meet along the way. All Practitioners of all stages need a space to share thier continuing journey in Homeopathy.
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