Where to find us

The Aroga venue is quite centrally located in the country, in the village of Hartington, Derbyshire, in the beautiful Peak District, in the heart of England. More detailed travel instructions will be emailed to you once you apply for an event and your application has been accepted.

A venue like no other

The Aroga campus is not a five star hotel, where the primary aim is to pamper you. At Aroga the primary aim is to help you grow as a Homeopath, and so the emphasis is on education, in an environment that looks after the planet as well as your well-being. When coming to Aroga you should dress for a day in the country, rather than a day at a hotel. We are located in the middle of fields and hills, with glorious views and walks to be had in the vicinity. Warm clothing, sensible shoes, and a "free-spirit" attitude are the order of the day.

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