Our beliefs

The ethos of the School is one of living in harmony with nature. We believe that the universe will be more generous in its gifts of knowledge and learning if we are more in tune with its needs. Gaia gives us the remedies by which we work, it is our belief that we give Her respect in return through nurturing the ground that we walk upon.

A sustainable venue

The Aroga campus is a venue like no other. Our aim is to not just provide a room, but a whole, holistic environment. We feel that everything about a learning space is vital for it to be truly nurturing.

For a profession that is built on the principle of energy, it is surprising how often we only think about energy when we are deciding a remedy. In truth, the energy of our lives, the energy of our interactions with our patients, our colleagues, and the Earth are all hugely important.

In recognition of this fact, we at Aroga are trying to create a homeopathic energy, one that seeps out of the very stone of the building, and the earth and vegetation around it. With every new seminar we run, with every new teacher that comes and fills the air with their passion and their joy for Homeopathy, you can feel this energy growing.

In order that the Earth continues to bless us with this environment full of energy, we constantly seek to give something back in return. As such, we are aiming toward sustainability with our environment, through the following measures:

  • Smoke-free – No smoking is allowed anywhere on the campus. This helps us show respect for our fellow students by keeping their environment healthy and nurturing.
  • Vegetarian – as we seek to restore health and vital energy in our patients, it seems incongruous to destroy vital energy in others.
  • Organic – no chemicals are used anywhere on campus. Poisoning the Earth is incongruent with an energetic discipline such as ours.
  • Self-sufficient in terms of electricity – we aim to have a wind turbine/solar panels in place to generate all our electricity needs. We do not want to take any more from the Earth than is necessary. Low carbon footprints for our seminars are the aim.
  • Low users of water resources - through the use of composting toilets.

We believe that whilst most people share these beliefs, they find them difficult to live by in their lives. For example, most people would acknowledge that a vegetarian diet is best, for our health, for our planet, for the welfare of our fellow creatures. However, it can sometimes be difficult to reconcile this with busy lives.

Similarly, we are all aware of the preciousness of the resource of water, and we all know the huge amounts of it that are wasted in every flush of the toilet. However, the idea of a composting toilet may not be feasible in normal suburbia.

So while our everyday lives may need compromise, whilst at Aroga we believe we can all live life as we know it should be lived - if only for a day. This is our gift to the universe, and we believe the universe in return reciprocates with a beautiful and enriching space in which to learn and grow.


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