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What we teach at the Aroga School
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homeopathic teaching stands out at the Aroga School of Homeopathy


Homeopathic teaching for the 21st Century

We believe our courses stand out from the crowd, because we have designed them to give students exactly what they need.

In this section of our website you can find out in detail about the subject matter that we cover on our course. Our aim is to be completely clear about the course content, the learning objectives that we feel you will be achieving, and the way in which you will develop your skills as a homeopath.

We have tried to avoid vague statements that could be interpreted in many different ways, because we want you to know exactly what it is we offer. We are very proud of our syllabus, and the robustness of the teaching we offer, and we want you to clearly see what we have to offer.

Each of our courses covers 6 main subject modules:

  • Homeopathic Philosophy - the laws and priinciples that govern our profession
  • Materia Medica - the knowledge and understanding of the medicines that we use
  • Medical Sciences - the study of anatomy, physiology, pathology and nutrition, as relevant to a Homeopathic Practitioner
  • Research Methods - the tools we use to analysis our cases, and to advance our profession
  • Clinical Training - the practical skills that are needed to cure
  • Personal and Professional Development (PPD) - looking at one's own position within the case taking, homeopathic and public realms

Click on any module to find out more. Please bear in mind that the syllabus that is presented is for the 4-year part-time licentiate in Homeopathic Medicine. For the 3-year course, the first two years are done in one year. For the correspondence course, the first two years are exactly the same, except study is done at home. The foundation course covers all the teaching of year 1.

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